Become a better speaker in two days.

Achieve dramatic improvements in your presentation skills by attending our seminars

Picture yourself standing in front of a room, speaking with confidence to an enthusiastic audience. Forget the sweaty palms, the dry mouth, and the butterflies. We can help you improve your speaking skills, increasing your confidence, credibility, and effectiveness. Our seminars and one-on-one coaching bring immediate results. We've trained hundreds of business professionals to be more effective speakers. Speaking effectively in front of a group is a valuable business skill, and an investment in our seminar will pay important dividends throughout your career.


Three ways to become a better speaker

  • Our corporate seminars cater to the needs of organizations whose employees want to become better speakers. These are typically two-day seminars for four to eight employees, but we can customize both the scheduling and the content to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Our public seminars are available based on demand, in the Sacramento area.
  • We provide individual speech coaching for persons who are preparing for a specific speech and for those who wish to improve their speaking skills in a private setting.


Instant-Replay Coaching

"Instant-Replay Coaching", the driving force behind our presentation skills seminars, is guaranteed to quickly improve your speaking style. We record your presentation on videotape, and then view the tape in a comfortable, supportive environment. As we view the tape together, we'll identify areas of strength first, and discuss how to expand and build on those strengths. Then we'll identify areas for improvement. Our clients see a dramatic improvement in their speaking skills through Instant-Replay Coaching.


What to expect

Practice, combined with Instant-Replay Coaching, is the key to improving quickly. So we will assign you several speaking assignments to give you lots of practice. People are sometimes hesitant the first or second time they are videotaped. Then, as they make progress, they get excited as they build skills and overcome distracting habits to become more effective and credible speaker. You'll be surrounded by a supportive group of participants who all want you to succeed. We have fun and don't take ourselves too seriously, so soon you'll be ignoring the camera, and focused on improving your skills. After the seminar, you'll receive your video in the mail, and you'll be pleased how much you've improved during your two days with us.


Call us or email us to discuss how we can help improve the communication skills in your organization.


Our guarantee

Yes, our seminars are guaranteed. If you don't think you've become a better speaker during your two days with us, we will cheerfully refund your money. We've never had that happen, but we do stand behind our guarantee.

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